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Create a modern bathroom in concrete Bathrooms are usually troublesome and expensive rooms to renovate, which is also why many give up the dream of a DIY bathroom renovation. With the flexible concrete series from Conteco, you can create a modern bathroom in a beautiful, rustic, concrete look in a matter of hours. Conteco can be applied on existing surfaces for instance clinkers or tiles, vinyl, or linoleum. Be inspired to transform your bathroom with Conteco and get the urban style bathroom of your dreams. Skip all the difficult steps in your bathroom renovation process and apply Conteco on your existing surface instead of tearing it down. In short, you can create an exclusive and modern bathroom in concrete, without help from a skilled craftsman.  It is easy to get started with Conteco – try ourproduct calculatorthat helps you find the products you need, in the correct amount, to update, renovate or decorate your bathroom at the right price.

DIY bathroom renovation

The obvious choice in a bathroom would be to apply Conteco on top of your already existing surfaces to avoid the process of tearing down and rebuilding them. Conteco can be applied directly on top of existing surfaces, such as the bathroom floor, walls, or even furniture! It is easy to apply as long as the surface is clean and even, which is why we recommend filling joints between tiles etc. before applying Conteco. This way, you can easily turn your bathroom surfaces into concrete and add a rustic look to your home. Conteco can also be used in other areas: Conteco is easy to work with and can be personalized in many ways. Adapt the color and the structure of the surface to your style and get a result that fits perfectly into your home. Are you considering Conteco for your next project? Please do not hesitate to contact us for further advice.

How to use Conteco in the bathroom

  • Before you start, please make sure that the surface is clean and even. Conteco is applied in thin layers (approx. 0,5 mm per layer) joints and unevenness will show on the finished surface if not evened out before application. If used on tiles, we therefore recommend spackling and priming the entire surface before applying Conteco.
  • Panels and other objects must be masked off.
  • Mix Conteco according to the product instructions. In bathrooms the two first layers are always Conteco Basic and Conteco Medium. For the third and final layer you can choose between Conteco Medium or Conteco Fine, depending on how rough you want your surface to be.
  • Apply the first layer using a tool of your choice, according to the desired surface. If you are not satisfied with the result – you can always add another layer
  • The drying time is approx. 45-60 minutes per layer at room temperature (21-23 °C, 50% humidity). In bathrooms Conteco must be applied in 3 layers. 
  • Before applying the next layer, moisten the surface using a water atomizer. This will ensure optimal adherence.
  • When the result is as desired and dried up (min. 12 hours after last layer of concrete), treat the surface with Conteco Color Sustainer. Apply the product in a thin layer and massage it onto the surface with a microfiber cloth.
  • At last, apply Conteco Concrete Sealer to the surface in two layers according to the directions in our guide. Always apply plenty of Concrete Sealer to protect the surface from water and make it resistant towards cleaning agents.

Create your personal look

If you desire a unique look for your bathroom, we have different techniques that can add a personal touch to the surface. For instance, you can choose a darker shade for the first layers of concrete and a lighter one for the top layer to create more contrast and depth in your surface. Also, you can add water to the surface while applying Conteco to boost nuances in the concrete. If you don’t like the result – you can always add another layer. 

What you need to get started

  • Conteco Concrete for 3 layers (Basic-Medium-Medium or Basic-Medium-Fine) and Mix & Primer
  • Conteco Color Pigment in the desired nuance
  • Conteco Color Sustainer
  • Conteco Concrete Sealer
  • Mixing bucket
  • Drill mixer 
  • Masking tape for panels etc. 
  • Spatula, paint roller or paint brush to apply Conteco with
  • Water atomizer 
  • Paint roller for Concrete Sealer
  • Sanding paper grain 150 

Let’s help you get started

All products in the Conteco series can be purchased in our webshop here. If you are in doubt about the look, or how to use Conteco in your bathroom, we are always ready to help. Contact us on, or use our product calculator to find the right products. You can also download our Conteco guide that describes the process step-by-step, right here.

What if I change my mind?

If you have used Conteco on existing surfaces in your bathroom as for instance tiles, it is not possible to get the original tiles back. However, you can apply new tiles over Conteco, paint the surfaces or even add a new Conteco layer if you want a new look in the future.

A concrete surface with high durability

When your new concrete surface is finished the surface becomes extremely durable and resistant towards grease, dirt, and cleaning agents. Redesign your bathroom and benefit from the easy-to-clean advantages. Get started with our product calculator.

DIY bathroom with a professional look

Are you considering renovating your bathroom? The fact that Conteco is applied in thin layers means that the drying time is shorter than similar products. However, that is not the only advantage. More importantly, the thin layers make the surface more flexible, easier to work with, and protects the surface against cracks and splits. This way you can make sure that your new, modern bathroom maintains its appearance for years and years.

A piece of advice

With Conteco you can easily get the urban concrete look in your home. Conteco can be used anywhere – also in bathrooms. The only limit is your imagination. The flexible concrete can simply be applied without compromising with the classic durability of concrete. Conteco Concrete Sealer makes the surface easy to clean and resistant to cleaning agents. Concrete from Conteco makes it possible to reuse old surfaces while creating a new look.