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Terms and conditions for purchases made on


The terms and conditions took effect on 1. July 2016 and cover all purchases made on from, and after this date.


Following terms and conditions apply to you, and you should therefore read them carefully, especially the stipulations regarding prices, payment, delivery, return policy, etc.


General information


The terms and conditions applies to all purchases on Private persons can make purchases on for delivery in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and The Netherlands.


The purchase agreement on sale and delivery is made between buyer and Conteco A/S.


Conteco A/S can only carry out an order on the condition that buyer accepts following:


  • Terms and conditions.
  • Prices and expenses that is stated in buyers order.
  • Conteco A/S registers data of the buyer such as name, address, phone number and e-mail address with the sole purpose of handling the order.
  • Conteco A/S transmits data regarding buyers payment card with the purpose of handling the order.


When Conteco A/S receives an order and payment an order confirmation will be sent to buyer per email. At the time buyer receives the order confirmation, buyer enters a legally binding agreement with Conteco A/S.


The order confirmation requires that the payment of the buyer is approved. If buyer does not receive an order confirmation within reasonable time, buyer shall contact Conteco A/S directly in written form.




Conteco A/S accepts payment with Dankort, VISA and MobilePay. A surcharge on 2,9% is added on foreign issued credit cards. Goods purchased on can also be paid with bank transfer.


The payment transaction is protected through a secure SSL connection (Secure Socket Layer). Credit card information will be transferred, encrypted, directly to the bank, who will verify whether the credit card is valid for payment.


The payment will be withdrawn from the credit card after the order is made and the terms and conditions have been approved. When the credit card has been approved, an order confirmation will be sent to the entered e-mail address.


The payment will not be deducted from your card until the ordered items have been shipped.




At we reserve the right to refuse your order in the event of mispricing on the website, or if an ordered item has been sold out or taken off the shelves.


The price is shown next to each item on the website and includes taxes and fees. The total price will always appear from the final order and order confirmation. It is the price of the item at the time of the purchase, which the buyer will be charged.


We reserve the right to change prices without prior consent. Prices can change at the time of campaigns, special offers etc.


All prices are in DKK and including VAT.


Delivery prices


Besides the product prices, buyer will pay for the delivery of the products to the address stated by the buyer. The price for delivery can vary, but always appears on buyer’s order.




Conteco A/S chooses the delivery on each order. Orders are primarily sent by DHL Express or DSV.


Pallet cargo will be delivered on the curb side. Buyer is responsible for the disposal of packaging material.


Stock goods are usually delivered within 1-3 business days after order confirmation and payment.


At we will do what we can, to send orders received before 11.00 the same day. Orders received later in the day will be sent on the next business day. Orders are usually delivered on weekdays between 08.00 and 16.00.


Once the order is delivered, buyer should examine the order. If buyer wants to complain about any defects etc. it has to be done within reasonable time (<2 months from delivery) in written form to Conteco A/S.


Buyer shall state the order number and where the defect exists. If buyer does not complain as described, buyer loses the right to complain later on.


Any changes or interference with the sold products without Conteco A/S written consent, exempts Conteco A/S for any obligation.


If Conteco A/S has delivered a wrong product according to buyer’s order, the product must be returned to Conteco A/S, who will send the correct product. Conteco A/S pays for the delivery in case of any incorrect delivery.


Special conditions


All types of inquiry shall be sent to


All purchases are carried through cash payment.


Gift certificates 


Gift certificates can be purchased through, and are available in fixed amounts of 500 DKK, 1000 DKK, 2500 DKK and 5000 DKK. The gift certificate can only be used once, and any residue balance will not be paid out or saved. Gift certificates are valid one year after purchase. Lost certificates will not be replaced. Gift certificate cannot be exchanged into cash. 


Return policy


We have a 30-day return policy for items purchased in our web shop.


The 30-day period starts when you:


  • Receive the item
  • Receive the last item of an order where some items have been shipped separately
  • Receive the last part of an order when an item is sent as a multiple consignment


The shipping costs for returns are paid by you.


In order to return an item, you need to contact us within 30 days of receiving the item, and notify us. The notification should be sent in an email to In the message you need to state your intent to return the item.


You can also use our standard return form and include it in the parcel. The standard return form can be found in the bottom of this page.


Please note, that you cannot return an item by simply refusing to accept the parcel, without notifying us about it.




In order to make use of our return policy, you need to return your order without unnecessary delay and no more than 14 days after you have notified us about your intent to do so.


Returns shall be sent to:


Conteco A/S
A.P. Møllers Allé 39A – Syd
2791 Dragør


The costs involved in returning the item(s) to us are paid by you. You are also responsible for packing the item(s) properly.


You need to include a copy of the order confirmation. Handling will be quicker if you also fill in and include our return form.


You are responsible for the item(s) from the time of delivery, until we have received the return shipment.


Conteco A/S do not accept parcels sent with Cash-on-Delivery.


Please note: Liquid products do not endure frost.


Goods not eligible for returns 


The following goods are not included in the return policy:


  • Goods with broken seals
  • Goods specifically crafted after your specifications, or with a clear tie to you
  • Goods that, due to their nature, will be irreversibly tied to others at delivery
  • Goods that age quickly are quickly obsoleted


Refunds for returned goods


If you return an item, we will refund the money you paid for it. In case the value of the item has decreased and you are responsible for it, then the decrease in value will be deducted from the refund.


When returning an item, all costs will be refunded, excluding delivery costs, without unnecessary delay, and no more than 14 days after the day when we received your notification about returning the item.


The refund will be done using the same payment method used when paying for the item, unless another method has been specifically requested.


We reserve the right to delay a refund until we have received the returned item.




Any claims of refund must be done within reasonable time (<2 months).


Buyer must complain by written inquiry to Conteco A/S, whereupon Conteco A/S guides the buyer through any procedures. Buyer must explain the issue in as much detail, as possible. Only if there is a legitimate and timely complaint, regarding a product bought from Conteco A/S, taking into account the terms and conditions, a product can be returned after previous written agreement between buyer and Conteco A/S.


At return, the product must always be wrapped up safely. Always get a receipt and documentation for dispatch, in order for Conteco A/S to make a refund on fair delivery costs in relation to the return. Conteco A/S must pay the postage in relation to rectified product for the buyer. In case the complaint was not legitimate or in due time, buyer must pay the postage.


The refund will be done using the same payment method used when paying for the item, unless another method has been specifically requested.


Conteco A/S do not accept parcels sent with Cash-on-Delivery.


Returns shall be sent to:


Conteco A/S
A.P. Møllers Allé 39A – Syd
2791 Dragør


Personal data politics


Following data is needed to form an agreement of purchase with Conteco A/S:


Phone number


Conteco A/S registers buyers’ personal information with the purpose to deliver the order.


Personal information retrieved in relation to purchase is stored at Conteco A/S for five years, whereupon all information is deleted. Information registered on in relation to our contact formula or booking system, or for orders cancelled before payment, will be stored for 30 days, whereupon all information is deleted. The purpose of this data storage is to yield the best possible service in relation to customer support and returns.


When data is collected from it is never without buyer’s explicit consent.


The CEO, bookkeeping’s department, and the storehouse will have access to the information registered on


Conteco A/S does not store information encrypted. Conteco A/S does not transmit data encrypted. Conteco A/S does not register any sensitive personal information.


Information handed over to Conteco A/S is only passed on with the purpose to handle and deliver the order. These data processors entail: DSV, DHL, BWS for order delivery; WooCommerce, Dibs, and E-conomic, for product ordering and payment; Google Analytics for website optimization, and Outlook and Trustpilot in relation to customer support.


When registered at Conteco A/S, the buyer always has the right to make an objection on the registration. Buyer also has the right to learn, which information has been registered. These rights are given to the buyer under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and any inquiries regarding this must be made to Conteco A/S on email




Conteco A/S uses cookies in the booking system to ensure coherence in the booking process.


Cookies are small pieces of information, which are stored by the browser on the computer hard disk. Cookies can be deleted manually. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but it is possible to change browser settings to prevent this. Without cookies, most features on the websites can still be used, but not the order system. Conteco A/S therefore recommend that cookies are not deactivated in the browser. Conteco A/S’ cookies contain no personal identifiable information.




Any complaint should be made in written form by email to




Conteco A/S’ do not hold any liability of misprints in text, prices etc., flaws in illustrations/photos, errors in electronic communication, sold out products, products no longer in stock, delivery times/delays, changes in exchange rates, wrongly made orders by customers, force majeure, operating or profit loss, or other indirect losses in relation to the agreement made, including direct loss, following delays or deficiencies of the sold product. Conteco A/S cannot be held responsible if buyer fails to use products after stipulated guidance from the product information granted by Conteco A/S.


The application of any product by Conteco A/S is at buyer’s own risk. Direct and indirect damage, a lack of bonding, difference in gloss/color or marks on the surface is likewise at buyer’s own risk.


In the case that private persons, against instructions from Conteco A/S, makes a purchase on a false CVR number, it is buyer’s full responsibility. Conteco A/S cannot in any way be held responsible for this.


The above situations are not exhaustive.


Standard return formula


This formula should only be filled out and returned, if the right of return is still valid.


To Conteco A/S,




  • I/we hereby declare, that I/we wishes to use our right of return in relation to our contract of sale.
  • Ordered the [date], received on the [date].
  • Order number.
  • Invoice number.
  • Buyer’s name.
  • Buyer’s address.
  • Buyer’s signature (only if returned in paper form).
  • Date.