How to make a concrete wall using Conteco:

A concrete wall adds a beautiful and rustic touch to your home and matches the industrial chic style seen everywhere in interior design. The unique Concrete series from Conteco allow you to bring the urban look easily into your home, whether you live in a town house, an apartment or something else. Put simply, Conteco can be used anywhere and on every surface.

The flexible concrete from Conteco shares the look and durability with ordinary concrete known from building constructions and foundations. The difference is however, that Conteco can be painted, puttied or sprayed on walls, floors, or even furniture in both your living room, kitchen and bathroom. The unique flexibility of Conteco makes the product easy to use and brings forth new possibilities for decorating your home. The sky is the limit – and we are here to help you follow your home dreams.

Are you ready to get started? Try our helpful product calculator and find the right products for your project. You’re also always welcome to contact us on info@conteco.dk for further questions.

Polished concrete in every room:

In only a matter of hours you can create a rustic wall in polished concrete, which makes Conteco the ideal DIY project. The easy-to-use product series also enable you to adjust the color and structure on the concrete surface to fit your style. In that way, you end up with a beautiful concrete wall, perfectly matched to your home. If you are for instance looking for a soft, smooth surface – pick the combination Concrete Medium/Fine – while the combination Concrete Basic/Medium gives a rougher, more industrial look.

Conteco is produced in small, practical packaging, and the final thickness of the concrete layer is only a few millimeters. Nevertheless, the concrete layer is extremely durable, and can be made multi resistant using a finishing treatment with our Conteco Concrete Sealer to ensure an easy-to-clean surface.

Painting with a concrete look:

In general speech Conteco is referred to as painting with a concrete look, given that the concrete product is almost as thin and liquid as paint. The thin layer first of all ensures that the concrete dries up way faster than for instance micro cement. Secondly, the concrete surface becomes more resistant to splits and cracks when the layers are applied thinly. Last, but not least, the consistency of the product makes it incredibly easy and flexible to work with.

The flexible concrete from Conteco is the ideal product for the DIY person, who wishes to bring the rustic, urban look into their home. With our concrete mixture, you do not need to be a skilled craftsman or even possess specific handyman skills to create a beautiful result. Read below how you get started with your product and find everything you need to create a velvety, or rustic concrete wall.

DIY concrete wall: 

  • Before you start, please make sure that the chosen surface is clean and even. If used on clinkers or tiles, we recommend spackling the entire surface before applying Conteco in order to obtain an even concrete look. As Conteco is applied in thin layers, joints and unevenness will show on the finished surface if not evened out before application. Panels and floor must be masked off.
  • Mix Conteco according to the product instructions. You can use both Conteco Basic, Medium or Fine on your wall depending on how rough you want your wall to be.
  • Apply Conteco on the surface with a tool of your choice to obtain the look you want. If you are not satisfied with the result – you can always add another layer.
  • The drying time is 30-60 minutes per layer at room temperature (21-23 °C, 50% humidity). Before applying the next layer, moisten the surface using a water atomizer. This will ensure optimal adherence.
  • Apply additional layers in the same way as the first layer, until the desired result is obtained. This normally takes around 2-3 layers.
  • When the result is as desired and dried up, treat the surface with Conteco Color Sustainer. Apply the product in a thin layer and massage it onto the surface with a microfiber cloth. You can also decide to give the surface a finishing treatment with Conteco Concrete Sealer to make it more resistant to grease and cleaning agents. This is recommended in kitchens and bathrooms, where the surface is particularly exposed to wear and tear.

Tips for your concrete wall:

If you want to create a unique and personal look on your indoor concrete wall, avoid polishing your wall before applying Conteco. This will make holes and unevenness shine through the surface and create an unrefined look.

What you need to get started:

  • Conteco Basic, and either Medium or Fine depending on what look you want
  • Conteco Mix & Primer
  • Conteco Color Pigment
  • A steel-, plastic-, or rubber trowel
  • A painting brush
  • A pair of working gloves
  • A dust mask
  • A power drill + a drill mixer
  • A bucket for mixing concrete
  • A water atomizer
  • Masking tape
  • Sandpaper grit 120/150

Inspiration for an indoor concrete wall:

The only limit is your imagination when it comes to Conteco. An ideal place to start would be a beautiful, rustic concrete wall in the bedroom to create a unique frame around the bed – or maybe behind the TV in the living room? If you have a classic, white kitchen, try painting a wall in Conteco where you would usually put tiles. This will give an exclusive look to the kitchen and thanks to Conteco Concrete Sealer be an easy-to-clean solution.

Concrete wall with extreme durability:

When you are finished with your Conteco wall and choose to use our Conteco Concrete Sealer, the surface will, contrary to plaster walls, be extremely durable and resistant to grease, dirt, and cleaning agents. This makes our surface coating highly suitable for kitchens, bathrooms or other places, where the wall would be exposed to such things.

Get started:

All products in the Conteco series can be purchased in our web shop here. If you are in doubt about the look, or how to create a wall in Conteco, we are always ready to help. Contact us on info@conteco.dk for questions, or use our product calculator to find the right products. You can also download our free Conteco Guide that describes the process step-by-step, right here.

A piece of advice

With Conteco you can easily get the urban concrete look in your home.

Conteco can be used anywhere – also in bathrooms. The only limit is your imagination.

The flexible concrete can simply be applied without compromising with the classic durability of concrete.

Conteco Concrete Sealer makes the surface easy to clean and resistant to cleaning agents.

See what you need


Concrete surface
Concrete in bathroom

What are you making?


Concrete in bathroom

Conteco concrete on an existing wet proofed surface
New establishment of Conteco concrete
- MK-approved

Does the foundation need to be filled?

CONSUMPTION: approx. 1,1 KG/M²/MM

Do you need elastic pipe collars?


Ø 6 - USED FOR Ø 12-22
Ø 23 - USED FOR Ø 40-60
Ø 70 - USED FOR Ø 80-110

Do you need self-adhesive mats for drains?


40 CM X 40 CM
40 CM X 120 CM

How many M² is to be treated?



How do you want the surface to be?

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Concrete Intense
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Lemon Tea
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Desert Sand
Dusty Rose
Icy Waters

Choose sealer

Gives a rough surface. Should not be chosen for kitchen and bath
No sealer
Gives a natural concrete surface
Concrete Sealer Mat
Gives a semi-glossy concrete surface
Concrete Sealer Shine


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