Who are we?

Conteco is a Copenhagen based company that specializes in unique concrete surface treatments suitable for all surfaces. The company was founded in 2016 with a passion to bring the urban look into the common home and challenge people’s perception of the possibilities using concrete.

The Conteco products share the look and durability of concrete, but differ in their quick and simple application, thin layers and inimitable flexibility. This makes the products ideal for the DIY segment, as customers can create beautiful concrete surfaces with no professional experience by using our step-by-step guide.

Who are we?

Our special color pigment furthermore allows our customers to individualize the concrete and obtain just the right nuance for their needs. Conteco derives from the Latin word ‘Contego,’ which means to cover up. Staying true to its meaning, Conteco allows you to turn every surface into concrete, and adds a “Nordic feel” to your home that fits perfectly into the minimalistic Scandinavian style.


We want to bring the urban look into more homes in the shape of unique concrete surfaces that create atmosphere and inspire the observer. We seek to move and challenge the perception of the possibilities using concrete and make it easy and accessible to do so.


We seek to challenge people’s perception of concrete and bring the urban look into the home of the future.

Not convinced yet? 

If you're not sure whether Conteco works for your project - don't hold back! 

Contact us on email info@conteco.dk or by phone for more information:

+45 53 65 08 80

A.P. Møllers Allé 39A – Syd
2791 Dragør

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