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Conteco furniture

How to create concrete furniture using Conteco

Does your furniture need an upgrade? A worn-down tabletop or your old chairs will get new life and an industrial look with Conteco’s flexible concrete series. You can easily paint or roll Conteco on any surface and give your piece of furniture a new and urban look. Read here for more information on how you can turn your furniture into concrete. It is easy to upgrade your furniture with Conteco and bring the industrial look into your home. Give an old table top new life by turning it into concrete, or transform your shelves with a beautiful concrete look. Think of using Conteco as you would use paint – the only limit is your imagination when it comes to the possibilities with Conteco. Are you ready to start your project – use our intelligent product calculator to calculate your project. Conteco is available in a range of gray nuances, which span from the classic ‘concrete color’ to a dark charcoal nuance. In addition, Conteco is available in a selection of colors that can be tinted with pigment to fit your needs. The structure of the concrete can be altered depending on how you apply the product – whether it is applied with a painting brush or a spatula. Read more about other possibilities with Conteco here:

DIY concrete furniture 

  • Before you start, please make sure that the chosen surface is clean, even and non-absorbent. As Conteco is applied in thin layers, joints and unevenness will show on the finished surface if not evened out before application. If used on untreated wood, we recommend spackling out joints and priming the surface before use. Mask off those areas that should not be treated.
  • When the surface is prepared, mix Conteco according to the instructions in our guide.
  • Apply the first layer – as thinly as possible (approx. 0,5 mm) using a tool of your choice, according to the desired surface.
  • The drying time is 45-60 minutes per layer at room temperature (21-23 °C, 50% humidity). If you want an all even surface, we recommend sanding the surface with grain 150 shortly after the surface has dried.
  • Before applying the next layer, moisten the surface using a water atomizer. This will ensure optimal adherence.
  • Apply additional layers in the same way as the first layer, until the desired result is obtained. See page 11 in our guide for more information on the layers needed for your project.
  • When the result is as desired and dried up, treat the surface with Conteco Color Sustainer. Apply the product in a thin layer and massage it onto the surface with a microfiber cloth. When dry, apply Conteco Sealer in order to make the surface water resistant and dirt repellent.

Get started

The Conteco series and products for preparation of your project can be purchased in our webshop. If you are in doubt about what look you want, or how to create a floor in Conteco, we are always ready to help. Contact us on for questions, or use our product calculator to find the right products for your project. You can also download our Conteco guide that describes the process step-by-step, right here.

What you need to get started

  • Conteco Basic, and either Medium or Fine depending on what look you want
  • Conteco Mix & Primer
  • Conteco Color Pigment
  • Conteco Color Sustainer
  • Conteco Concrete Sealer
  • A steel-, plastic-, or rubber trowel
  • A painting brush
  • A painting roll for the sealer
  • A pair of working gloves
  • A dust mask
  • A power drill + a drill mixer
  • A bucket for mixing concrete
  • A water atomizer
  • Masking tape
  • Sandpaper grit 150

A concrete surface with high durability

When your new concrete surface is finished and treated with Conteco Concrete Sealer the surface becomes extremely durable and resistant towards grease, dirt and cleaning agents. 

How to use the concrete look in your home

There are many opportunities if you dream of a rustic concrete look in your home. Conteco concrete can be used on almost every surface, but the most-used are floors, walls, furniture and in the bathroom, where it can even be applied in the shower! Only your imagination is the limit and if you don’t have an existing surface to apply Conteco on – you can always build your own furniture in MDF or the like before decorating it with flexible concrete.

A piece of advice

With Conteco you can easily get the urban concrete look in your home. Conteco can be used anywhere – also in bathrooms. The only limit is your imagination. The flexible concrete can simply be applied without compromising with the classic durability of concrete. Conteco Concrete Sealer makes the surface easy to clean and resistant to cleaning agents.