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Beautiful concrete surfaces for the entire home

Conteco makes it possible for amateurs and professionals to create unique concrete surfaces in every room of the home. Conteco is high quality, a well-documented product and the only similar product on the market approved for use in wet rooms.

What is Conteco?

Conteco is a flexible concrete product, which shares the look and durability of raw concrete, but with a finished result of only a couple of millimeters. Conteco can be applied with a painting brush or a spatula on almost every surface and is the ideal product for home renovations. 


MK-approved for wet rooms

As the only similar product on the market, Conteco is approved for use in wet rooms on both existing and new surfaces, which separates the product from microcement etc.


Concrete on every surface

Conteco can be used on almost every surface: walls, floors, table tops and even on tiles in the bathroom!

As easy as pie

A surface treatment with Conteco can be made in short time and requires a minimum of equipment. Try our product calculator and take a step closer to your dream project.

Adjusting the look

You get the power to create your own look depending on how the product is applied. Conteco can therefore easily be personalized to your project.

Minimum maintenance

When you finish your surface with Conteco Concrete Sealer it becomes both durable and water-repellent. Furthermore it tolerates all general household chemicals.

Pick your favorite shade

Our concrete color pigment is extracted from natural products and allows you to tone your favorite shade for your project.

Bath and wet rooms

Conteco is MK-approved for wet rooms, so you can bring the raw and rustic feel to your bathroom, without having to worry about approvals.

You decide if you want to use Conteco on your existing surfaces or in combination with a wetroom membrane in a complete renovation. 

Raw concrete floors

With Conteco you can easily create durable concrete floors in all rooms of the home. Conteco is treated with a special Concrete Sealer, which makes the surface easy-to-clean and beautiful for many years to come. 

Do you want to use Conteco in a DIY project? Download our guide here and see how easy it is to get started! 

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