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Conteco Business

We aim to bring the urban look into the architecture of the future

The flexible concrete creates a unique, durable surface that adds a personal touch to any space – whether it’s the meeting rooms, common areas, corridors, or wet rooms.

With Conteco, we want to contribute to challenging the creativity of businesses, architects, property developers, and more.

On this page you will see some selected cases where we have assisted companies in creating their unique Conteco surface.


Conteco is the tailored solution

Several companies have chosen Conteco floors to create modern, inviting office environments.
Conteco systems have helped complement and manifest the style of each company’s brand.

Apprentices for Sustainability

Conteco Concrete's MK solution was selected as the most sustainable bathroom construction for UIA 2023


A comprehensive renovation of subfloors and the desire to bring renewal through unique design

Wihlborgs A/S

The old, worn linoleum needed to be replaced to create new, fresh office environments

Fazer Denmark

From the worn-out carpets of the 1990s to a modern workplace befitting the Finnish candy manufacturer

PWR.8 Studio

An old furniture store in Nordhavn transformed into a true holistic power studio

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We can discuss your company’s needs for renewal and surface renovation, and how Conteco can assist with a potential solution.