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Conteco Business Case

PWR.8 Studio

PWR.8 Studio is a fitness studio located in Nordhavn, Copenhagen, that emphasizes training the whole individual, with the philosophy that exercise should above all be enjoyable.

The inspiration behind PWR.8 Studio is drawn from the Danish community culture, where there is a focus on the well-being of members – both physically and mentally

conteco, conteco beton, conteco erhverv, beton gulv, microcement


The team behind PWR.8 Studio discovered an old, worn-out furniture store in Nordhavn that they saw as having great potential to become their new workout space. The premises were in need of a complete renovation, which meant that everything, including the floors, had to be newly established.


In collaboration with the property and service company Jeudan, who acted as project manager, Conteco was brought in to pour new floors in all the premises, including changing rooms, showers, and toilets, before applying Conteco Beton.

Conteco Concrete, being the only one of its kind with an MK approval, could therefore be used in the establishment of the wet rooms.

conteco, conteco beton, conteco erhverv, beton gulv, microcement
conteco, conteco beton, conteco erhverv, beton gulv, microcement


PWR.8 Studio achieved a result that aligned with their holistic message of focusing on both physical and mental well-being.

With Conteco Concrete in the Concrete Medium shade, they created a modern Scandinavian look that is visually calming and can withstand the stresses and wear from physical activities.

Geography: Nordhavn
Area: 210 sqm
Substrate: Newly poured concrete
Shade: Concrete Medium in Conteco Concrete

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