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Below you will find a list of topics on our most frequently asked questions.
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General information

Is Conteco a DIY-friendly product?

Yes, the Conteco system is developed to be used by both private and professionals. However, we always recommend reading our guide before project start.

How many layers do I need to apply?

Conteco is a system and therefore requires different products/layers for a finished look. Usually this is 2-3 layers of concrete, Color Sustainer Plus and Concrete Sealer. The finished system has a layer thickness of approx. 1,5 mm.

What is Pandomo Wall?

Pandomo Wall is a decorative finishing render for creating and designing the surfaces of walls and ceilings in internal areas. Pandomo Wall can only be used on walls and for other surfaces, we recommend Conteco.

See Pandomo Wall colors here

Conteco drying time

The drying time varries between the different layers. For the concrete layers the drying time is approx. 45-60 minutes per layer at 20°C. For Color Sustainer and Color Sustainer Plus the drying time is 60-90 minutes at 20°C. For Concrete Sealer the drying time is approx. 45-60 minutes per layer at 20°C.

Please note that there is an extra drying time of 12 hours after the last layer of concrete, before Color Sustainer or Color Sustainer Plus can be applied. 

After the surface is finished it has to harden for at least 24 hours before used and 7 full days before contact with water.


Color chart EN

Please note that the color chart is guiding and real-life colors may differ from those on screen or print. 

Order pick-up

Every order that has been completed on weekdays before 11.00 can be picked up at our address the same day between 14.00-15.30, given that all products are in stock.

Please note: All orders must be completed through our online shop. It will not be possible to pay for the products during pick up.


We strive to dispatch orders within 1-2 days after order completion. Longer processing time may occur in busy periods.

Orders are delivered within 1-3 weekdays after shipment using DHL Express. Larger orders will be transported with carrier.


When shopping at you have 30 days to return your purchase in accordance with our terms and conditions.

If you should wish to return one or more product(s) to us, please send an email to containing your order number and information on the product(s) you wish returned.

Products can only be returned after agreement. Please note that the condition of the returned product(s) will be assessed at our reception.

Acceptance criteria

Conteco is designated as a design floor – a common designation for joint-free cement-based floors. This type of floor places high demands on its underlying floor surface and experience shows that any surface problems are often attributable to problems with the underlying floor. The finished floor should, just like any other floor, be inspected carefully and in natural daylight.

The acceptance criteria for a design floor include:

  • Pin holes and smaller blisters may appear on the surface and must be accepted at a rate of up to five occurrences per every 10 m2.
  • Shrinkage cracks and color differences are to be expected and must be accepted.
  • Transitions must be accepted in connection with any repairs or subsequent levelling.
  • Roller marks may appear in Conteco Concrete Sealer.
  • Patches and similar can appear on the surface to a lesser extent.


Conteco on tiles

When applying on tiles, these should be thoroughly levelled and primed before Conteco is applied. This is to ensure an even surface with a uniform and minimal absorbency. You can find all the products you will need to prepare your surface and more in our webshop.

Conteco on raw concrete

Before applying Conteco on raw concrete, the surface must be treated with concrete primer to minimize absorbency. If applying Conteco on newly laid concrete, the relative moisture in the surface should always be measured < 75 RF.

Conteco and moisture measurement

We do not recommend that Conteco is used on damp surfaces in its full system, as Conteco Concrete Sealer cannot withstand moisture and frost. Before applying Conteco we always recommend a moisture measurement, as this has to be < 75 RF before Conteco can be applied safely in its full system. 

Conteco on other surfaces

When applying Conteco, the surface should always be even and non-absorbent. If you have questions on how to prepare your surface, you are always welcome to contact us by email

Tools and looks

The final appearance of the surface will depend a great deal on what tool you use. If you use a steel trowel, then you will work towards a “flamed” look with nice contrasting colors. Using a plastic trowel, on the other hand, will give you a more uniform finish. Conteco can be applied with a painting brush or roller, however, we recommend the use of a trowel or spatula, as this gives the best result. 

If the result is not what you wanted – you can always add another layer of concrete. 

Tip: Have a bucket of water ready for the tools between the Conteco layers. Then it will be easier to clean them afterwards.

OBS! We do not recommend cleaning and reusing painting rollers, as it can be difficult to get rollers free of product after use. 

Do I have to apply Conteco in one working procedure?

No, this is not necessary. We do however recommend applying each layer in one working procedure to ensure a uniform look.

Technical information

Conteco in wetroom / MK-approval

As the only product of its kind Conteco has the Danish MK-approval, which means that it is approved to work with Conteco in full renovations and new constructions. Read more about the approval (in Danish) here.


Conteco in a bathroom with a wrong inclination

We do not recommend the use of Conteco in a bathroom with a wrong inclination towards the drain, as stagnant water will always leak into the surface. 

The inclination towards the drain should therefore always be corrected before applying Conteco. 

Conteco and under-floor heating

Conteco can be used with under-floor heating, however, any under-floor heating should be turned off at least 72 hours prior to application.

Conteco vs. colored plaster

Most colored plasters on the market are very fragile, which cause the surface to sprinkle and collect dust. On the contrary, Conteco is a hardwearing, easy-to-clean surface.

Conteco outdoors

It is possible to use Conteco outside, except for the Conteco Sealer. As an alternative, we recommend using 3-4 layers of Conteco Color Sustainer. 

Conteco in garages

We do not recommend the use of Conteco in garages or other places where tires are used on the surface, as these will create permanent marks on the surface.