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General information

Can I apply Conteco by myself?

Yes, definitely. The Conteco system is developed for private persons as well as professionals. See our guide for more information on how to get started.

How long does it take to apply?

Naturally, the working time differs from person to person – and project to project. A wall on 10-12 m2 takes around 4-6 hours from beginning to end, using two layers of Conteco Concrete and a finishing layer of Conteco Color Sustainer.


See our color chart here: COLORCHART

Please note that the color chart is indicative.

The color of Conteco depends on the amount of Conteco Color Pigment added to Conteco Basic/Medium/Fine. We recommend using a kitchen scale for measuring, as even the slightest difference in weight will influence the final result.

Conteco Color Pigment pr. kilogram Conteco B/M/F for the following colors:

Concrete Light = 1 gram
Concrete Medium = 2 gram
Concrete Intense = 3 gram
Charcoal Light = 10 gram
Charcoal Medium = 15 gram
Charcoal Intense = 20 gram

For the following colors: Peach, Dusty Rose, Lemon Tea, New Pine, Icy Waters, Olive Tree & Desert Sand the mixing proportion is 5 g./kg. Conteco B/M/F. It is however, possible to add more pigment to the mixture up to a maximum of 50 gram pr. kilogram, if a darker shade is desired.

Pick up at our address

Every order that has been completed on weekdays before 11.00 can be picked up at our address the same day between 14.00-15.30, given that all products are in stock.

Please note: All orders must be completed through our online shop. It will not be possible to pay for the products during pick up.


We strive to dispatch orders within 1-2 days after order completion. Longer processing time may occur in busy periods. Orders are delivered within 1-3 weekdays after shipment using DHL Express. Larger orders will be transported with carrier.


When shopping at, you always have 14 days to return your purchase in accordance with our terms and conditions. (LINK) If you should wish to return one or more product(s) to us, please send an email to containing your order number and information on the product(s) you wish returned. Products can only be returned after agreement. Please note that the condition of the returned product(s) will be assessed at our reception.

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Phone hours

Our phone is open Monday-Thursday from 08:30 – 15:30 and Friday 08:30 – 14:00 (Danish public holidays excluded).

You are also more than welcome to email your question to us on We strive to answer all inquiries within 24 hours.

Do you have a showroom?

Yes, of course! It is possible to see the different colors and combinations in our showroom on A.P. Møllers Alle 39A, 2791 Dragør.



Find our step-by-step guide here:



I want to apply Conteco on tiles. What should I be aware of?

If you want to apply Conteco on top of flooring tiles etc. we recommend filling the joints with mortar to obtain an even surface. Otherwise, joints/lines will show through the concrete layers. When the surface is even and dried up, we recommend priming the surface before applying Conteco to reduce absorbance. Products for the preparatory work can be found in our shop. If you have any further questions regarding this issue, please do not hesitate contacting us.

I have a newly placed concrete floor. Can I apply Conteco directly on this surface?

Yes – just remember to prime the surface before applying Conteco. If not, the product will absorb into the surface and not last as calculated. For this purpose, we recommend using Ardex P51, which can be found in our shop.

What tools will I need for applying Conteco?

We have put together a start kit with all the tools you need to get started. You can find the kit HERE.

Can the tools be cleaned afterwards?

Yes, however we do recommend that tools be cleaned in the process to prevent the concrete from hardening, for instance by having a bucket of water ready while working with Conteco.

How do I obtain the “blazing” look?

The blazing look is obtained by using a spatula made by steel. Furthermore you can sand each layer of Conteco using sandpaper grain 120 in order to obtain a more characteristic look. You can find all the tools you need for application in our start-kit. 

How do I obtain a more uniform look?

The uniform/more homogeneous look can be obtained by using a spatula made by hard plastic. You can find all the tools you need for application in our start-kit.

The look is not as I wished, what can I do?

You can always add another layer of Conteco to correct the look.

Can I apply Conteco with paint roller and brush?

Yes, however the Concrete mixture should be made more fluid if you are planning on using a paint roller for application. Remember that using a roller will automatically give spikes in the surface. We therefore recommend using a spatula afterwards to even out the surface.

Can I apply Conteco on all surfaces?

Yes, almost. We do however always recommend that you do a test to check adhesion on the surface. This can be done by following procedure: Apply Conteco to a sanded and clean surface, e.g. in a 15×15 cm square. Let the test dry until next day. When dry, place a piece of gaffertape on the concrete and wait 15 minutes. Remove the tape in one move. If Conteco still sticks to the surface, you can be sure that adhesion is fine.

Do I have to apply Conteco in one working procedure?

No, this is not necessary. We do however recommend applying each layer in one working procedure to ensure a uniform look.

Technical information

Is the system MK-approved?

As the only product of its kind Conteco has the Danish MK-approval, which means that it is legal to work with Conteco in full renovations and new constructions. Read more about the approval (in Danish) HERE.

What is the difference between Conteco and plaster?

Most colored plasters on the market are very fragile, which cause the surface to sprinkle and collect dust. On the contrary, Conteco is a hardwearing, easy-to-clean surface.

Why do I have to mix the color?

We have chosen to deliver the color pigment separately. This opens up for new opportunities to create colors and nuances on the surface.

Can I use Conteco on surfaces with under-floor heating?

Yes, Conteco can easily be used with under-floor heating.

The Conteco mixture feels thick after some time. What can I do?

If the mixture thickens after some time, add more Mix & Primer and mix until the right consistency is obtained. Be aware of possible changes in color due to the dilution of the mixture.

Can I avoid using Conteco Sealer on floors/walls?

Yes, but if avoided, we recommend that you apply 2-3 layers of Conteco Color Sustainer to protect the surface. On floors we always recommend using Conteco Sealer as it results in a surface more capable of resistance.

Can I use Conteco outside?

Yes, except for the Conteco Sealer. Here we recommend using 3-4 layers of Conteco Color Sustainer instead.

Can I use normal sandpaper on a hardened Conteco surface?

Once the surface is hardened it is not possible to use regular sandpaper. Instead we recommend using sandpaper with diamond, grain 120/150.

Can Conteco be used in a bathroom with a wrong inclination to the drain?

No, stagnant water will always leak into the surface. It will not damage the concrete, but may create a change in color.

Can I paint Conteco over if I get tired of the look?

Yes, it is possible to paint on Conteco.

How much does it give off dust?

We always recommend wearing a dust mask when mixing Conteco. Afterwards the product does not emit dust.

Can I save the rest of the mixture for later use?

No, once Conteco is mixed it cannot be saved, as the concrete will harden.

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